Growing From Within - Immersive Program 2022! 


Diet Salad

- Discover the World of MacroNutrients, MicroNutrients,

- Hydrations Strategies, - Mindful Eating and the New Science of Healthy Eating Patterns! 

- Demystifying Wrong Beliefs! 

- Understanding & Applying the new science of maintaining your weight! 

Metabolism & Exercise


- We'll Dive into the  Freeways that Produce Your Energy,

- Discover the Microbiota World,

- Understanding Your Circadian Rhythms, 

- Doing Exercise in a More Productive & Mindful Way for Your Lifestyle!

- Sleeping & How to truly recover your body! 

Emotional Resilience



- Build a Strong Emotional Regulation System by Learning How to Use Your Emotions as Indicators of Your Vibrational Level! 

- Adjusting your Frequency to Feel Just the Way you Want and Deserve! 

- Understanding the Emotional Toxic and Empowering Loops! 

- Learning to Release your Emotional Burden and Work mindfully with your inner wounds! 

Consciousness & Meditation

Meditating in Nature

- Access Awareness by Learning to Place Yourself in Present Moment,

- Start Developing Your Inner Peace! 

 - Construct Healthy Habits by Reprogramming Your Mind! 

- Create Heart & Brain Coherence!

- Understand Your Perception and Learn how to direct it to empower your attention and intention! 

- Practice Meditations that will rewire your brain in each pillar! 


- Learn how the Universe is Working with You and is Giving You the Right Signals for You to Embrace the Abundance in Your Life,

- Discover and develop How to Access that Level of Vibration! 

- Learn How to be Open to Receive with Gratitude what is Tailored Made for You!

- Create a complete abundance experience based in believing and allowing manifestation! 

High Performance


- Learn to Prioritize Your Goals,

Follow Your Objectives, Design Strong Routines to Maintain Your Momentum,

- Keep Your Energy Levels Throughout Your Days!

- Make Your Dreams Real Without Sacrificing Other Aspects of Your Life! 

- Do What You Love and Get Paid for Loving It!

- Create a bubble of productivity and empowerment sustainable through your Journey! 

Abundance &  

Financial Wellness

What is Included?

๏ You start by assessing your current level of awareness in Your Five Core Areas with a Scale to Evaluate your Inner Health!  You'll review each of the Video Sessions and set your own pace to grow, to create your wellness routine with your daily lessons, meditations. Plus have support through Whatsapp or Messenger to clarify anything you have questions or want deeper information.


๏ From your Evaluation, we will navigate the five core areas deeply with science, practical, essential and everyday tools that will allow you to follow your progress, to understand what is happening within you, and develop mindful behaviors!

๏ You will have 66 audio lessons, 5 Video Sessions with Presentations recorded for you to replay them or share them with your family members and grow has a family as well; 

๏ You will own a Workbook with a learning lesson of the topic, practical tools and exercises to work everyday at your own pace, meaning you will have 66 lessons to ingrain the new habits which is what is proven by science! More than 160 pages of deep information and exercises! 



BONUS 1: You will have 2 personal Sessions (40-50 minutes) with me by Zoom to assess your Initial direction and areas to work more deeply and a Final Evaluation to measure the progress and design your Future Journey! ( Real Worth = US$300) 


BONUS 2: You will have 6 Meditations one for each Session and 1 extra to address the Core Pillars that will be reviewed in the Video Sessions and reprogram the message in your Subconscious Mind (Real Worth = US$120) 

BONUS 3:  Close follow up tracking your own progress with a very practical questionnaire which you will own and use for your own setting of goals! Plus a Daily Planner for your to plan your days and set the right thoughts and emotions throughout the day! (Real Worth = US$50) 

Price & One Time Offer


All of these Benefits, Knowledge and Experience will create sustainable habits  is valued at least $2,500  (With All  the Bonuses), but as I'm compromised with giving health access and empowering people to become Mavericks of their own Growth & Inner Health....

This Program has Now an Early Bird Price of:  


US$259 in one Payment. (This price is only for Limited Time)

or I help you acquire it in 6 easy monthly payments of  US$54.

This is an investment of US$1.8 per day during 6 months.


This price is just 10% of what you would pay in many other platforms or places!

All Sessions can be accessed as an online ongoing program at your own pace and rhythm you can replay them and have access for lifetime!


As well as the Bonuses, all available for you to download , listen and read at your own pace!  

Only Payment of US$259

You Save 20% 

6 Monthly Payments of US$ 54

Only Access to Video Training Sessions!

 US$ 130